Seeking balance and improved health, our founder Michele experienced a new level of clarity and wellness after discovering the holistic properties of CBD. Michele and the TruDevata team are dedicated to providing CBD products that are unrivaled in their purity, quality, and price. TruDevata believes in the efficacy of CBD and its interaction within the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) – a network of cellular receptors that help our bodies maintain holistic stability and physiological balance. These naturally occurring compounds work within your ECS to help regulate how your body responds to pain, inflammation and stress. Find your TruZen – TruDevata.

Cutting Edge Extraction

Utilizing industry-leading C02 extraction processes, TruDevata takes pride in bringing the purest, all-natural CBD products to market. Our dedication to our craft is transparent and validated by our triple lab test guarantee – from farm soil testing, our own in-house Best Manufacturing Practices, to third-party Certificates of Analysis, there is no question that our team is dedicated to consistently hitting the mark.