Seeking balance and improved health, our founder Michele experienced a new level of clarity and wellness after discovering the holistic properties of Cannabidiol. Michele is a lifelong teacher who found her work, life, and love was missing something seemingly intangible. Looking to yoga and meditation for clarity was a step in the right direction for her; although, it wasn’t until she incorporated Cannabidiol into her daily routine that she was able to achieve what felt to be a truly enlightened self – a life less affected by stress, impatience, and pain. Out of this necessity, TruDevata was born. It reflects her dedication in providing CBD products unrivaled in purity, quality, and price.

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TruDevata is a company that honors purity, consistency, and above all else, efficacy. Every choice we make is designed to promote the best in our products, which in turn promotes the best in you.

Our promise is simple: 100% USA-grown, non-GMO products treated with care from farm to your home. Each oil is formulated in our FDA Compliant laboratory to meet the unique needs of all of our customers. We are pleased to present three lines of sublingual CBD Oil: Full Spectrum, Pure CBD, and Pure CBD Infused with Terpenes. TruDevata is your most comprehensive source of triple lab tested (batch specific) products on the market.

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